Pentes, A Gudiña (Ourense, NorthWest Spain) 2013

“…in the warm furnace, the tin melts, and then leave it there, separate the stones, and then with a mould made of a white turnip or a potato, cast the tin to form an bar-shaped ingot… They did it otherwise; but I have done it this way several times… What happens is that after to be able to tin pans you need to mixture a bit of lead otherwise the pure tin is very wild. If the tin bars do not have lead and you bend them, they tweet as if it was a thing… as if you were screeching teeth…”
Interview with M.G.G., Pentes, March 2010


Furnace. Pentes, A Gudiña.


Cassiterita from Pentes Tin Mines


Aaron Lackinger, Cristina Fernández (GEAAT) with Mamede


Tin crucible


Turnip Mould


Bar-shaped ingot


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